Heartbleed & What it Means for You

So if you have used the internet at all in the past few weeks, you’ve likely been alerted to the security vulnerability described as the ‘heartbleed bug’. While sysadmins everywhere seem to know immediately what this means, it’s harder for daily consumers and casual internet users to know what that they need to do. After […]

What We’re Up To: Canadian Adventure

I’m currently enjoying a break from the Texas heat by visiting my homeland. While I don’t have time to work on a real, informative post (but have many in the pipeline!) I thought I would give you a mini photo tour of what I’ve been up to. Highlights include gluten free donuts, the Edmonton International […]

SpaceX and the Hyperloop

Within the past year, futurist and all around technological badass Elon Musk (@ElonMusk) has been spreading his imagination (and his money) to some very important projects. Projects that could literally change the way we travel in the future. For those of you unfamiliar with Musk, he initially got his start with online payment giant PayPal.com. […]

I’m an Aunt!

Forgive for a weekend without posts- but it was for good reason! I’m an aunt! On Friday, August 2nd, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed two of the cutest babies into this world; Hudson and Emerson. Delivered by c-section to keep all involved healthy, the two came out and charmed the pants off the extended families. […]

OMG I’m so Behind!

Sorry for the lack of posts, faithful readers…. all 1 of you. Recently, I’ve been attempting to: get a small business going, find a new place to live in a different city, travel between two cities, remember to eat, and wait for my future niece and nephew to be born. AHH! They’re not even my […]