Wearables, Ringly, the New York Times, and My 1st Official Interview

The entire world seems obsessed with cell phones, whether or not we’re addicted to our devices, and wearables. This week alone, the New York Times, Boing Boing, and CNET have all posted articles about our screen time addictions, and what it might mean about us. I was honored to have been scouted out (through my […]

The Fresh Look of Sweetlife Farms

So there’s been a great reason for my complete lack in posts recently… and that’s because I’ve been focusing on helping Sweetlife Farms of Bainbridge Island, WA get their site migrated over and ready for business. Sweetlife Farms is run by Bob and Nancy Fortner who grow, preserve, distill, and create most of the ingredients […]

#SXSW Style – What you need to rule the Festival

We all know that SXSW is a tour de force of music, interactive, and film fun. It’s also quite the endurance test for your average tech, music, or film nerd. A several year veteran of the yearly pilgrimage (though I’ve usually only traveled under 15 miles…) here are my suggestions for things that will keep […]

Artist to Watch: Matthew Black

If you know me at all, you know that I have a strong affinity for arts of all kinds. Hell, I even tried my hand at a year of art school (clearly it didn’t work out for me). Thankfully though, I’ve had the joy of getting to know Austin-local MattĀ Black, and acquire a piece of […]

eCommerce + POS – How to Choose the Right Platform

Alright, you’ve done it! You’ve successfully created your own business. You’ve got your logo, got your products and prices- but now you just need to figure out HOW you’re going to sell it. If you’re selling online with an eCommerce platform, or thinking about doing a mix of eCommerce and Point of Sale (POS) in […]