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I can’t even explain how excited I was when Jack O’Brien from The Bright Light Social Hour replied to my email interview. I was thrilled when they felt like putting up with my odd collection of questions. These guys are awesome!If you haven’t already heard of TBLSH, they are four young men from Austin who know how to rock, properly. Having toured the USA, Canada & Mexico, made waves at SXSW, and swept at the Austin Music Awards (with an amazing 6 awards in 2011), these guys are posed to take over the music world. And what better a time to get to hear from them then right before their two gigs at the Austin City Limits music festival?! Playing both weekends, they are sure to delight old fans and new listeners alike. Before you attend, if they’re new to you , don’t miss their songs, available on iTunes and their website.
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Read below as Jack chronicles their best and worts shows, and where to get tacos in Austin.

photo 2First off, the details! Names, ages, & hometowns:

 Curtis Roush, 29, Austin
Joseph Mirasole, 24, Austin
Edward Braillif, 26, Austin (not pictured)
and I’m Jack O’Brien 28, Austin

So then, how did y’all meet?
Curt and I met and started the band at Southwestern University in Georgetown in 2004. In 2006 we found Jo via a Craigslist ad (he was on the Round Rock High drum line). And Jo met Edward working in Best Buy’s musical instruments department. They began producing and performing DJ sets around town, and we brought him on as touring keyboardist earlier this year.
Favorite show you’ve played to date?
Tame Impala or Grizzly Bear at Stubb’s, definitely. Or did you mean favorite show of ours?… Probably the Kessler Theater in Dallas last December. It really felt like the place was gonna burst into flames. [See how modest they are? -CC]

And of course, least favorite show to date?
The worst would have to be in Hartford. We played the lobby of a cheezy [sic] Top 40 dance club. [He wasn’t joking – CC] There was a huge line outside so we got all excited, but when they opened the doors, everyone but about 6 people walked right past us into the main club room. Then there was a shooting outside so after the show it was hours and hours before the cops would let us leave. 

If y’all could collaborate with ANYONE, alive or dead, who?
Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips or Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. Or James Brown. 

Most surreal experience so far as a part of TBLSH?
Probably opening for Aerosmith in Quebec City. It was the only time I was actually worried about fainting on stage. [My dad wouldn’t stop talking about this show. As a Canadian living in Austin, he was pretty proud of these boys.-CC]

Who has a day job? What is it/where? 
Ain’t nobody got time for that! We record/write/rehearse at least 10 hours a day. Thanks to the generosity of our girlfriends/buddies with couches, we’ve been able to quit our jobs and focus on the band. [This is awesome! -CC]

What is everyone’s background before music? Geometry? Interpretive dance? Raising cats?

Curt studied political science, I studied linguistics and Jo was in high school, so he doesn’t really have a before. 

Ideal gig day?!
Oo yoga before a show would be sweet. For me It’d involve a day at the Russian and Turkish Bathhouse in NYC and some beach time. And some tacos. 

How do you prepare for a show?
Breathe in the moon, breathe out the sun. Repeat. [I’m stealing this for my own daily routine. -CC]What’s on the horizon? Have any goals?
We’re in the studio recording our second album, producing and engineering it ourselves, so that’s really everything we’re thinking about these days.

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When everyone was 5, what did you think you would be at this age?
Jo says paleontologist/video game designer (he wanted to make a video game about paleontology). Curt says psychologist or president of the United States. I wanted to be Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan, either one. [Hey Jo! When you decide to do this, I’m so with you.-CC]How often do y’all read your own wikipedia page? Is that hilarious, or surreal, or normal?
Ha every once in a while. It’s mainly just really out of date. [Hey Tour Manager Alex! You got work!-CC]

How much did you make from the ‘Jack’s Moustache‘ video? Memorable anecdote from that?
I think we made about $6k. One of the things we offered in exchange for donations was the chance to come out and jam with us. We didn’t have high expectations, but this guy, Tyler Barabas, came out and we had a really excellent session, kinda being his backing band.

Are there any songs you’re really tired of singing?

For the time being we don’t perform Bare Hands Bare Feet live anymore. It just feels like we’re acting as a different band when we play it. 

Of course, most important question. Favorite taco place in Austin?
Taquería Don Mario off Lake Travis. Sin duda.

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Be sure to keep up with Jack and the rest of the band by following them on twitter (@tblsh), checking out their website, and catching them at ACL!

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