Today’s post will start off what will hopefully be a weekly series hilting bands and songs I’ve taken to. For this installment, I’m focusing on ‘summery’ songs before the season is over.


Nothing says summer quite like brand new upbeat music. Before we get caught up in Fall fashion launches and (potentially) cooling temperatures, take some time to relax and remember what summer is all about with these artists. Filled with steady snare hits, saccharine lyrics, or delightful chord progressions- these songs are not to be missed!



Hunter Hunted

From: L.A.
Members: Dan Chang & Michael Garner

Their vocals will make you want to drive to the beach and go surfing. Really.


photo 1 photo 2Check out these songs from their first self-titled EP. (Pictures will bring you to Soundcloud.)




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photo 1

Radiation City

From: Portland, OR
Members: Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Randy Bemrose, Matt Rafferty, Patti King

Zombie by Radiation City




Borrowing some vintage sounds and mixed vocals, Radiation City’s newest release ‘Animals in The Median’ includes the chill-wave song Zombies. Perfect for sipping a drink by the pool and debating whether or not your vintage Fiesta Ware find is radioactive or not.

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photo 2


From: Portland, OR
Members: Jared Ryan Maldonado & Timothy Heller
Vocals from Jared and Timothy blend smoothly together, especially in the super cute Blew My Mind. You’ll find yourself wanting to clap along and consider getting bangs like Timothy. Warning, this infectious duo may inspire a need for ukelele lessons.After, listen to Sun Shy. It’s an upbeat song to get you bouncing around. They also have some delightful covers found on their youTube channel.    

 music 1 dresses   photo 3    


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