Alright, I lied. It’s not super fancy. But it’s clean, pretty, and keeps you organized. What could be better?

So pretty!

If you’re like me, your calendar is pretty busy. Whether it’s parties, birthday and anniversary reminders, or soccer practice- there’s a lot going on. Rather than ‘penciling in’ something, or having to flip through months- a few supplies will help you feel calm and organized.

Step 1: Assemble your Supplies

  • large format calendar – I’m very partial to NeuYear’s break-less calendar. No more flipping or thinking the world ends on the 30th!
  • large frame, same size as calendar – I used the aluminum color RIBBA frame from Ikea for a modern polished look.
  • dry erase markers – any kind will do! I recommend fine tip and non-neon. Neon ones don’t show up.Optional supplies:
  • magnetic sheet – Like this flexible magnetic sheeting, available by the foot from Blick. 
  • tools to hang it on the wall
  • active social calendar, full dance card, or children

Step 2: Put That Stuff Together
OK so you got your calendar, frame, and other things now, right? Then this is the easy part.


  1. Unwrap your frame. Be very careful to take off the film coating on the plastic ‘glass’. Also, rest it against a wall and don’t lay it down on the floor- otherwise you’re likely to get a lot of dust on the plastic. Trust me, it’s a PAIN to re-open your frame to get that stuff out. 
  2. Place your calendar face down inside the frame, right against the plastic or glass.
  3. OPTIONAL – Cut your magnetic sheeting to the size of the calendar. Place directly behind the paper of the calendar.
  4. Put back on frame and close it up, following your frame’s instructions.

DONE! No really. You’re done. Step back and admire your dry-erase framed calendar. Add some events, or tuck photos in the sides.




If you try this project, I’d love to know how it goes! Just leave a comment or tweet @ClevrCat!

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